Folk songs refer to the traditional song of a people in a particular community according to their culture. It is transmitted orally from generation to generation. These songs teach morals and good hygiene. The composers of these songs are not known. For example:

  1. Ojo n ro
    Sere ninu ile
    Ma wo nu ojo
    Ki aso re, ma ba tutu
    Ki otutu ma ba mu e
  2. We ki o mo
    Ge ekanna re
    Jeun to dara lasiko
    Ma jeun ju, soo gbo.
  3. Ise agbe ni’se ile wa Eni ko sise, a ma ja’le Iwe kiko, lai si oko ati ada
    Koi pe o, koi pe o
  4. Bata mi a ro kokoka/2x
    Bi m ba ka’we mi,
    Bata mi a ro kokoka