Process of socialization implies the ways or methods by which societal values and culture are learnt.

There are four ways of socialization

  1. ROLE LEARNING: This takes the form of performing duties given to an individual on daily basis. A child can learn from an individual perform such duty.
  2. DIRECT LEARNING: This occurs when an individual learns the norms and values through well planned class situation with the help of the instructor or teacher.
  3. LEARNING FROM MODELS: A model is a person whose life has challenged a child and therefore worth imitating. The individual studies the character of his model and patterns his life towards such people.
  4. INCIDENTAL LEARNING: This occurs from unpleasant experiences of life. Lessons from experiences of life are hardly forgotten easily therefore they may be better than other ways of socialization.


  1. PROMOTES CONTINUITY OF GOOD SOCIAL VALUES:  Socialization allows good societal values and norms to be passed from one generation to another. As a child passes through the agents of socialization, he is exposed to right behaviours and passes the same to his children.
  2. MAKES PEOPLE RESPONSIBLE MEMBERS OF SOCIETY: Those who imbibe good values like honesty, integrity, cooperation, tolerance always become responsible individuals in the society.
  3. EDUCATES THE NEW MEMBERS OF THE SOCIETY: Socialization makes an individual to know what the society expects from him. This includes proper ways of dressing, peaceful interaction, acceptable ways of achieving success and acquiring certificate and wealth.
  4. PROMOTES PEACEFUL CO-EXISTENCE IN THE SOCIETY: Tolerance is an essential societal value which promotes peace in the society. A child who has been taught how to live peacefully with his siblings in the family will grow up with the virtue of tolerance. Living and interacting with the members of the society with not be a problem.
  5. TEACHES INDIVIDUAL HOW TO PLAY THEIR ROLES MEANINGFULLY: Through socialization individuals are taught what they are expected to do in the society. A man at home is expected to play the role of a father and husband, in the work place, he functions either as a boss or subordinate. The same applies to a woman. Individuals learn what role to perform at a particular time as they interact in the society.