Socialization is the process of learning that starts from birth to adulthood. It is a process of social learning which enables a man to acquire language, values, beliefs, technical skills e.t.c.Socialization is also the process through which a child is trained to control his actions and expectations in order to become a full member of the society.
There are two stages of socialization namely:
Childhood (primary)
Adolescent (adult)
Primary socialization starts from home i.e the family and it is only when the child is well socialized at childhood stage that he can be said to have successfully been prepared for adolescent stage.
Functions of Socialization
Socialization prepares new members of a group to behave in a manner of that group, to think in the way a group desires and to interact with others in an approved manner.
Significance of socialization
Socialization prepares new members of the society to behave a manner that the society desires and to interact with others in an acceptable and approved manner.
Agents of socialization
The family including the father, mother, brothers and sisters and other relatives.
Peer groups/ playmates.
The school.
The mass media
The Religion institutions.
clubs and government.