Textile Design

Textile design
A textile designer is the artists who conceives the idea of putting elements of design and motifs together to form a pattern on cloths.The final visual art work which such a person produces is what the textile mill uses to reproduce things like Ankara,guinea brocade, lace material and rugs..
Patterns are the final designs produced from the collection and combinations of designs. A pattern is a design produced from the repetition of a shape.this shape is reffered to as a motif.
Motif is the smallest unit of a pattern,it creates a major theme in pattern making.
Motifs can be created in various ways and this can be categorized into two namely; natural motifs and abstract or artificial motifs.
a). Natural motifs are motifs created from nature or man made objects e.g plants,animals,insects,chairs,spoons,cowries etc.
b). Abstract motifs are created from shapes or combination of different shapes e.g circle,cylinders cones,triangles etc.

  1. It is uede to create rhythmic flow in pattern making.
  2. It is use to create texture in designing
  3. Motif serves as a major theme in pattern making.
  4. Motif is used to enhance design surface
    Repeat patterns refers to the way of creatively arranging motifs in a repeated way to achieve rhythm and balance.
  5. Simple repeat pattern
  6. Mirror repeat pattern
  7. Bricks repeat pattern
  8. Half drop repeat pattern
  9. Diamond repeat pattern.