(Mark 13: 43-52; Mathew 26: 47-56)

As a result of the miracles and teachings of Jesus, he began to gain popularity amongst the people. The authorities became jealous and so they look for a way to arrest, try and condemn him to death.

Jesus and his disciples retired to the garden of Gethsemane in the vicinity of mount olives after the last supper to pray. Jesus groaned in prayer in the garden of Gethsemane and made it known that it was unacceptable to observe that his disciples’ could not pray with him while his hour of betrayal and suffering drew near. He said to them, are you still sleeping and taking your rest, it is enough; the hour has come; the son of man is betrayed into the hand of sinners. Rise, let us be going; see my betrayal is at hand.

 While Jesus spoke Judas came with a great multitude with swords and staves from the chief priest and the scribes and the elders and he that betrayed him (Jesus) had given them a token saying whom so ever I shall kiss that same is he; take him and lead him away safely. As soon as Judas came he went straight to Jesus and said master; and he kissed him. The multitude whom came with laid their hands on him and arrested him. One of the disciples (Peter) that stood near Jesus bring sword and cut off the ear the of the high priest servant. Jesus said unto them; have you come to arrest a thief that you come with swords and staves to take me. I’ve been with you daily teaching in the temple yet you did not arrest me; but this must happen for the scriptures to be fulfilled. And the all forsook him and fled.

Mathew in his own account added that Jesus asked his disciple (Peter) who cut off the ear of the high priest servant to put his sword back for anyone for anyone who took the sword will die by the sword. In his account, Jesus also said his father in heaven could send down more than twelve legions of Angels to rescue him if he appealed to his father in heaven. Then all the disciples deserted Jesus and fled.


  1. What makes the Jewish authority to be jealous of Jesus?
  2. How was Jesus betrayed by Judas?