The Synopses of Othello

SUBJECT: Literature-in-English. CLASS:S.S 3. Topic: The Synopses of Othello. It is evening. The scene is in a street outside Brabantio’s house. Brabantio is Desdemona’s father and a Senator of Venice.Roderigo is a man easily confused and exploited. There is also Iago, Othello’s Ancient (Staff Sergeant),a crafty schemer. Two of them discussing Othello, a moor,(black man) and commander of the Army of Venice.As the scene opens, Iago is already unhappy with both his boss , Othello and a fellow officer, Michael Cassio who is more favoured in the eyes of their mutual boss than himself. It is this state of affairs that Iago is discussing with Roderigo,a Venetian gentleman who is in love with Desdemona. Iago’s secret overture to Othello to be given the post of “First officer”over and above Cassio was turned down by Othello.Iago claims that his rival (Cassio)has”never set a squadron in the field/nor the division of a battle knows.” (line 22-23).Cassio according to him is only a “bookish” theoric, more prattle without practice,is all his soldiership. In other words,Cassio is inexperienced. Iago reveals that he merely accepts his circumstance in order to serve my turn him (I.e Othello). While Iago is angry with Othello for not favoring him in is recent recent appointment,Roderigo is unhappy with Othello for having snatched Desdemona from him. As they chat and walk toward Brabantio’s house, they falsily claim that Brabantio’s house , his daughter and his bags have been stolen by thieves. The Senator climbs down from his upstairs to find out what the matter is. The duo of Roderigo and Iago inform him that his precious daughter, Desdemona has been taken over by a (duo of) lascivious Moor (L140). Brabantio wakes up his servants so that they can go in search of his daughter. ASSIGNMENT: Write on each character of the book “OTHELLO”