Topic: Revision of weeks 6-9 JSS1 Content : Disobedience Learner’s disobedience and its consequences Disobedience against National Law.

Content : Disobedience
Learner’s disobedience and its consequences
Disobedience against National Law.

Meaning of disobedience
Disobedience is failure or refusal to obey or abide by the rules, regulations and instructions stipulated or given by an authftority.

Biblical account of first human disobedience
God made Adam and Eve and put them in the Garden of Eden to till and keep it. God commanded man to eat freely of the trees in the garden except from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. He told man that the day he eats from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, he will surely die.
However, Serpent came and deceived Eve that if they eat the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil which God commanded them not to eat, that they will not die but will become like God knowing good and evil. Eve saw that the tree was good for food, so she ate of it and gave to her husband who was with her and he ate also; so they were disobedient. Immediately they finished eating the forbidden fruit, their eyes opened and they realized that they were naked. They became ashamed of their nakedness and took fig leaves to cover their bodies.
This act of disobedience led to the fall of man from glory, and a break in relationship with God.

Consequences of Adam and Eve’s disobedience
The disobedience of Adam and Eve led to the fall of man and a broken relationship with God.
Disobedience brings sense of guilt.
Disobedience brings suffering
Disobedience brings evil
Disobedience causes breakdown of law and order

God’s punishment for Adam, Eve and the serpent
All the parties involved in this sin of disobedience received a portion of the punishment which God gave to them.
For deceiving the woman and causing man to disobey God the Serpent was;
cursed above all the animals;
to go on its belly;
to eat dust as food; and
to be in enmity with the seed of the woman; i.e. the seed of the woman shall bruise its head while the Serpent will bruise the heel of the seed of woman.
For listening to the Serpent, desiring, eating and giving the fruit to her husband, the woman was sentenced that;
her pains will be multiplied during child bearing;
her desire shall be for her husband; and
her husband shall rule over.
For disobeying God by eating the fruit, man’s punishment is:
the ground was cursed
he will toil, labour and sweat before eating;
he will eventually die and return to the dust from where he was formed.

Moral Lessons:
The root of disobedience is selfishness, greed and covetousness.
Do not follow bad advice to do what is wrong or allow any body to deceive you to disobey instructions given to you by your parents or teachers.
The result of disobedience is punishment.

Learner’s disobedience and it’s Consequences
Who is a learner? A learner is a person who is finding out about a subject or how to do something. Learners as students are to obey the rules and regulations of the school authority


If they disobey, they will be punished. For example, breaking the law or rules of the school authority may lead to punishment such as labour or corporal punishment, suspension for a few weeks or outright expulsion from the school according to the gravity of the disobedience.
Anybody that will break moral law and goes into fornication may have unwanted pregnancy, expulsion from school, sexually transmitted diseases and some killer diseases such as HIV/AIDS. Also, becoming a cult member in the school will result to expulsion; examinations malpractice may lead to imprisonment and other ugly consequences such as corporal punishment. Disobedience generally always leads to the break down of relationships.

Disobedience against the National Law.
National laws are laws of the country for the good, protection and provisions of every citizen of the Nation. Disobedience to any law may also lead to national punishment.
Most people disobey and vandalize public properties, e.g. breaking or bursting pipelines may lead to serious oil fire outbreak, death of people and scarcity fuel. Not obeying traffic rules, answering phone call while driving on the highway may cause fatal accidents, severe injuries and untimely death. Looting of government treasury will eventually lead to financial and economic crises in the nation, while the looters will face Gods judgment and, when caught will face social embarrassment and may be jailed.
Furthermore, politicians who break the rules and regulations of elections stand the chance of being disqualified, people may revolt and this may lead to killings, confusion destruction of personal and public properties etc.
In most cases, the laws of the land are projected in the national Anthem and pledge. For example, the Nigerian national Anthem urges the citizens not to waste the labours of past heroes, to be faithful, loyal and honest. However, majority of Nigerians are not obeying absolutely, the laws of the country because of selfishness, greed, covetousness, tribalism etc.
Moral Lessons:
Learners are to obey the rules and regulations of the school so that their studies will not be disrupted for them to have excellent results.
All forms of disobedience will be punished, either by man or by God. Therefore, learners should be obedient at all times.
All forms of disobedience or inclination to disobedience should be repented of.

Narrate the story of king Saul’s disobedience and it’s consequences