According to Oxford dictionary, Profession is defined as a paid occupation, especially one that involves prolonged training and a formal qualification.

A Profession is an occupation, trade, craft or activity in which one has a professed expertise in a particular area; a job, especially one requiring a high level of skill or training.

The word “picnickers” means ‘peaople who are having a picnic’. The doer of a particular thing may be formed by the addition of the suffix –er, e.g. maker, baker, teacher, thinker, layer, etc.

The suffix –ist can also be added to words to mean ‘a person who does or practises or studies a particular profession or course’, e.g. psychologist, biologist, scientist, pharmacist, chemist, etc.

Below are some studies and the name of the professionals.

Studies                                    Profession     

animals                                    zoologist

crimes                                      criminologist

climate                                     climatologist

flowers                                                horticulturist

language                                  linguist

government                             political scientist

earthquakes                             seismologist

immunity to disease                immunologist

religion                                    theologian

plants                                       botanist

measuring time                        horologist

oceans                                     oceanographer

books                                       bibliographer

wines                                       oenologist

virus                                        virologist

water properties                      hydrologist

population                               demography

flying aircraft                          aviator

nutrient intake                         nutritionist

food intake                              dietician

EXERCISE: Name the professionals that study the following:

  1. Universe
  2. Rocks   
  3. Weather
  4. Insects
  5. Dead bodies
  6. Human bones
  7. Environment