Effects of Weed Control Methods on Vegetation and Soil

  1. Pollution of Soil and Ground Water: Herbicides are very effective control measure of weeds. On the other hand, their residues on the soil can wash into rivers and streams thereby contaminating these water bodies and killing aquatic organisms. The ground water is also populated by herbicides thereby making the water unsuitable for man’s use.
  2. Contamination for Livestock: Herbicides are very poisonous chemical substances which can contaminate pastures. Contamination of pastures can lead to sickness or death of grazing livestock.
  3. Degradation of Soil and Vegetation: It destroys vegetative cover of the soil which can lead to soil degradation and erosion. Useful weeds can also be destroyed due to persistent weed control measures.


  1. What do you understand soil degradation and erosion as?
  2. Mention three grazing animals and weeds you know.